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Motorcycle Manufacturer in Bangladesh has achieved 30 to 40 percent growth in motorcycle sales. There is huge potential in this sector. But most of the ordinary peoples of Bangladesh cannot take the right decision which motorcycle is appropriate for them. Most of them don’t have enough idea about all the motorcycle brands and their products.

We are moving forward here with the two main goals and objectives of Herobd, one is to create personal awareness of road safety and driver safety, and the other is to create public awareness of the current market price, reviews and distribution of vehicles.

Vehicle and Driver Protection on the Road: We have seen in the past that there is a lot of mischief on the road due to a slight error of the driver or a small error in vehicle. If the driver is more aware about it, then he might have been free with a major accident. On the other hand, his vehicles also got sufficient protection. This is our first and foremost goal, to make the vehicle driver awareness about road safety, personal safety, also traffic rules and his rights on the road and law and enforcement. As a result, the rate of road accidents will be reduced.

Current market Price of Motor Vehicles and its detailed specification: General people who are usually buying motorcycles, but in many cases they do not know the actual market price of the current market. Or which vehicle is appropriate for him. Especially now a day the rate of motorcycle sale in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Many people in the country are not experienced in motorcycle. We are making awareness about the current market price, through our website www.herobd.com and through public mobilization, the sale of personal vehicles to public vehicles. So that buyer is not deceived in any way.

Here in this website we have presented almost all the motorcycle brands and their products details which are available in Bangladesh. As well as Road Safety Details, Vehicle Safety Details, Low and enforcement in Bangladesh, legal driving and vehicle licence procedure etc. For gathering all of that information and public awareness program we are working as a team under an umbrella which is Herobd.com.

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