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Hero MotoCorp Limited ( formerly Hero Honda ) is manufacturer of Motorcycle and Scooter in India. Hero Motors is the largest bike manufacturer in India. In 1984 India's popular bicycle manufacture Hero and Japanese Honda jointly started their journey with the name Hero Honda. In 2010, when Honda decided to suspend the joint venture with the Hero. Hero purchased rest of the share from Honda and started with the name Hero. As to say about the Indian sub-continent, Hero bikes will see in a large number in all the countries of the Indian sub-continent. Bangladesh is a country which has a huge market of the bikes including national and international brands. If we take a look on the roads of Bangladesh we will find a large number of Hero companies bike. The bikes of this company have a special feature that makes it position very strong in the Bangladesh. You cannot choose any other bike but the Hero motors if you are looking for a fuel efficient bike. As we have to mention the mostly use of this brands bike, representatives of the marketing companies. On the road situation of the Bangladesh, you know the reason why we mention the name of Hero Moto Corporation. Some of the bikes of this company are only made for the long ride with fuel efficient capability. As a largest selling brand of the world, they have all the category of the bikes in their production list. On the question about the importer in Bangladesh? It is Nitol-Niloy group who imports the whole brands models in our country. This company started their business in the starting of the 1980s. This company spread their name in the whole subcontinent in just 20 years or so. Now this company becomes a group of company and makes its business with various branches. At the same time, they got the warm praising of the customers. Niloy Motors Limited is the sole distributor of the Hero MotoCorp and the Niloy Motors is the part of Nitol-Niloy group. We have already mentioned some information about the Nitol-Niloy group. This company mainly deals with the heavy vehicles like truck, bus and such vehicles. Most of the product of this company from the TATA Motors limited, it means Nitol-Niloy group's main business with the TATA Company. As we were talking about the Niloy Motors, they are the sister company of this group. They provide the total Hero motorbikes in Bangladesh. We know about the Hero Company, they are the largest manufacturer as well as largest bike seller in the world. Bangladesh is also inside this ratio. You can see in the road that, what the number of Hero bikes in the road is? Very few of other brands have such a large number of bikes in the roads of Bangladesh. You cannot deny that, Hero is not only in a huge number but also it is a famous bike in the root level of our country. Another reason behind the popularity of this bike, the price of this bike is very much affordable for the common people. The most interesting matter of this company is, they have all the category of the bikes that no one has to think that they have no bike for them.
  • Ignitor 125

    • Engine: 124.7 cc
    • Maximum Power: 11 bhp @ 8000 rpm
    • Maximum Torque: 11 Nm @ 5000 rpm
    • Top Speed *: 100 KMPH
    • Mileage* (USER): 62 KMPL
    • Curb Weight: 127 KG
  • HF Deluxe

    • Engine: 97.2 cc
    • Maximum Power: 5.74 kW at 7500 rpm
    • Maximum Torque: 8.04 N-m @4500 rpm
    • Top Speed *: 90 KMPH
    • Mileage* (USER): 60 KMPL
    • Curb Weight: 112 KG
  • Pleasure

  • Maestro Edge

    • Engine: 110.9 cc
    • Maximum Power: 8 BHP @ 7500rpm
    • Maximum Torque: 8.7 Nm @ 5500rpm
    • Top Speed *: N/A KMPH
    • Mileage* (USER): N/A
    • Curb Weight: 110 KG
  • Splendor iSmart Plus

    • Engine: 109.15 cc
    • Maximum Power: 9.30 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
    • Maximum Torque: 9 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
    • Top Speed *: 100 KMPH
    • Mileage* (USER): 63 KMPL
    • Curb Weight: 115 KG
  • Glamour

    • Engine: 124.7 cc
    • Maximum Power: 9BHP @ 7000 RPM
    • Maximum Torque: 10.35 Nm @ 4000 RPM
    • Top Speed *: 100 KMPH
    • Mileage* (USER): 54 KMPL
    • Curb Weight: 125 KG
  • Pleasure+ BS6

    • Engine: 110.9 cc
    • Maximum Power: 6.0 kW (8 BHP) @ 7000 Revolutions per Minute (RPM)
    • Maximum Torque: 8.7 Nm @ 5500 revolutions per minute (RPM)
    • Top Speed *: -
    • Mileage* (USER): -
    • Curb Weight: -
  • Xtreme Sports

    • Engine: 149.2 cc
    • Maximum Power: 15.2 bhp @ 8500 rpm
    • Maximum Torque: 13.5 Nm @ 7000 rpm
    • Top Speed *: 135 KMPH
    • Mileage* (USER): 45 KMPL
    • Curb Weight: 146 KG
  • Hunk

    • Engine: 149.2 cc
    • Maximum Power: 10.6 kW (14.4 Ps) @ 8500rpm
    • Maximum Torque: 12.80 N - m @ 6500 rpm
    • Top Speed *: 120 KMPH
    • Mileage* (USER): 40 KMPL
    • Curb Weight: 146 KG
  • Achiever

    • Engine: 149.1 cc
    • Maximum Power: 13 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
    • Maximum Torque: 13 Nm @ 5,000 rpm
    • Top Speed *: 111 KMPH
    • Mileage* (USER): 45 KMPL
    • Curb Weight: 138 KG
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